I have always found ways to capture moments in life through some form of art media, for example: paintings, sketching or capturing motion using old videotape cameras. However, I only really discovered photography when I first arrived in Australia 2008.  

I brought my first DSLR camera before visiting the breathtaking northern territory with its beautiful scenery and wildlife, I just had to capture everything though the lens. I wanted to capture and preserve the moment so I could somehow keep the experience and share with others. Nowadays, as I observe the world through the lens, the camera has seamlessly become part of my everyday life.  

From fashion photography to commercial photography, I can offer my services on location or in the studio to help you sell your brand.  I also enjoy the creativity of hair & beauty photography that is aimed at marketing for salons or worldwide competitions; it's rewarding bringing a project to life from start to finish with the collaborations of a good team experience. I care about the clients vision, so attention to detail in the studio when shooting product photography is a must.  

I’m passionate about my work and offer my services as a professional to you and your business. 

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